2017 Annual Daylily Clump Sale

We will have the following varieties of Daylilies for sale commencing Saturday May 20, 17. Photos of each may be seen in our online Catalog. For the most part they will be priced between $8 and $13 with seven of them priced between $15 and $20.

Bandit Man

Creature of the Night

Designer Jeans

Double River Wye

Easy Ned

Elmore James

Food for Thought

Forestlake Commencement

Forsyth Aristocrat

Gadsen Light

Gay Cravat

Gold Medallion

Green Gage

Hoosier Autumn Day


Indy Rhapsody

Jersey Spider

Janet Benz

Langley Double Peach

Little Bit Extra

Little Wine Cup

Luxury Lace

Marietta Dazzler


Mynelles Starfish

Nina Winegar


Pardon Me

Pastures of Pleasure

Patsy Bickers

Phil Reilly

Pixie Parasol

Pocket Change

Raspberry Pixie

Red Butterfly

Rose Corsage

Saratoga Springtime

Siloam Show Girl

Smugglers Cove

Spider Miracle

Strawberry Rose

Suzy Cream Cheese

Sweet Seneca Kisses

Three Tiers

Walking Hand in Hand

Yellow Bouquet