Some Notes on our Website

Our new site was launched about one year ago and since then we have tweaked it to a degree.  We thank all those who commented and passed along ways the site could be improved.  We appreciate all suggestions to make your navigation easier.

So with that having been said if you would like some assistance navigating the site please read below:
Let’s start with the Catalog itself:
1) if you click on the photo itself, it will magnify slightly. Also you will note a strip at the bottom showing more small photos (some plants have multiple photos) you can navigate this strip by clicking on the arrows on the right or left of the magnified photo. This feature may be a favorite of those interested in just seeing some photos of daylilies available.
2) if you click on the name of the bloom you will get more info on it, the usual description, height etc. but you will also see how many pieces are available.
3) if you click on the price of the bloom – it will take you to all plants in that price category.
4) if you scroll over the “Show All” on the right side you will note prices appear – if you click on a price all the daylilies in that price range will be brought up.
5) note on the right side as well you will see a double arrow, clicking on this will take you all the way to the top.

Home Page:
Many different things here that you can explore – some general things throughout the site you will notice are:

A search bar – you can search the site for many things but one may be if you are looking for a particular cultivar just type it in, if we have it for sale it will come up.
Links – under the news section – check out our new vitalized links section (note some links are currently updating their own sites and appear to be out of function)
The “Contact Info” page shows a map of Truro and where we are located. Also you can send us a quick message directly from this page

Our site was designed by Cecil’s daughter Jen and her husband Julian.  They are available for web design and other graphic layouts should you be in need. They may be contacted at through their company JG Design Co.  A big thank you to Cecil’s son Mat for maintaining the previous site, he  is also for hire, but I must warn you he has a regular clientele and may take a bit more time to get back to you, he may be contacted at www.justfriends.ca/mat/ .

We hope you enjoy our new site. We will continue to tweak it and please feel free to pass along any comments good or bad and we will do our best to take your suggestions in consideration.

Cecil and Lillian