Welcome to Pheasant Gardens

In 2007 we purchased a weed-filled building lot with a big dream. Cecil began transforming this dream by driving for about an hour to build, plant and maintain the gardens. With the maturity of the gardens, the addition of benches and other add-ons our backyard has become a wonderful area of admiration. We welcome all to visit, take photos or simply relax and enjoy.

We are now Closed for the Season

We would like to thank all of those who visited the Gardens this summer as well as those of you who ordered plants from the website. Thank you so much and please watch both the website and our FB page for our 2021 Online Shop. Also we will be announcing two new introductions later this fall. Thanks again, Lillian and Cecil

Our On-Line Shop

 Please Note, we have temporarily taken our On-Line Shop down to update it for the upcoming season. We hope to have it back in operation by early January 2021 at the latest. We are hoping to add "Bearded Irises" to our shop next year for shipping. Please check back with us late December, early January. Thanks again, Lillian and Cecil
Daylilies in the Garden
Plants in our Shop for 2020
Visitor's to Garden in 2019
Seedlings Planted in 2019

Community Support


We have sponsored many community fundraisers by donating plants or gift certificates to be auctioned off.

Garden Clubs

We have provided plants to various local Garden Clubs for their annual spring sales.

Speaking Engagements

Cecil is available to speak at your Garden Club.

Our Gardens

Pheasant Gardens is available for Garden Club Tours. We have accommodated everywhere from 4 people to a bus load!

Cecil first fell in love with Daylilies in the early 2000s.  He attended the first NSDS Daylily Daze in Canning, NS where he purchase a few daylilies.  Of these there was one called “Three Tiers”.  That was his first Double Daylily and to this day his favorite form is the “Double Daylily”.

He began pollenating daylilies in earnest after building the gardens here in Truro.  Of course the first ones he toyed with were Doubles.  Out of those first crosses came one he eventually registered under the name “Rykers Bubbles” in 2019.

In 2010 he befriended Tim Herrington and Tim encouraged Cecil to pollenate Minis and Smalls.  After purchasing some Minis to start a program with, Cecil produced one that he was happy enough with to register it.  He named it “Tim’s Running Mate” as it was inspired by Tim and it had “Mayor of Munchkinland” as a parent.

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