Annual Spring Sale

June 6th and 7th
From 9AM to 3PM
24 Deerview Crescent, Truro
(902) 324-1925

We will be holding our Annual Spring Sale on June 6th and 7th. We were hesitant to hold our sale this year due to the Covid19 pandemic but after consideration we decided it was possible to set it up safely.

The following precautions will be undertaken due to the Covid19 pandemic:

Perennials List

Turtle’s Head

Green Hostea

Russian Sage

Bleeding Heart (Pink)

Ground Sedum

Autumn Joy Sedum

Orange/Yellow Primrose

Double Meadow Buttercup

Tall White Phlox

Red Monarda Bee Balm


Purple Tall Phlox


Plum Colored Hens & Chicks

Hens & Chicks – Green with Plum Edges

Tall Purple Asters



MeadowSweet Filipendula

Brown Eyed Susan

Lady’s Mantle

Evening Primrose


Medium Purple Asters


Monks Hood – Fall Bloom


Solomon Seal

Purple Liliac

Golden Spirea

Tall Bearded Iris White with Purple Edges

Dwarf Bearded Iris Yellow

Dwarf Bearded Iris Purple

Tall Bearded Iris Purple

Tall Bearded Iris Purple

Tall Bearded Iris Lavender

Cana Lilies – Orange Flower

Daylilies 1 Gallon Pots $5

Al Abel

Arrakis Sunset

Ashwood Hearthside

Autumn Wood

Bonibrae Black Mist

Clarion Call


Doc Branch

Easter Holiday


Fashion Bug

Food for Thought

Forestlake Commencement

Gene Strawn

Great White

Heavenly Curls

Hoosier Autumn Day

King Alfred

Maple Leaf Forever

Margaret Seawright

Mary Rutherford

One Two Kangaroo

Raspberry Candy

Rescue Me

Sixth Sense

Smugglers Gold

Strawberry Candy

Topguns Lemon Lush

Topguns Lola Scott

Vanilla Fluff



Lavender Rainbow

Lights Out

Lobo Lucy

Marrietta Dazzler

New Every Morning


Purple Kaboom

Regal Eye

Rosy Lights

Storm Watch

Velvet Onyx

Daylilies 2 Gallon Pots $10

Almost Indecent

Battle of Jericho

Canandaigua Wine Trail

Case Jones

Edward’s Smile

El Desperado

Electric Man

Elizabeth Frances Woodhall

Final Destination

Fuschia Fashion

Green Arrow

Hearts Abound

Heavenly United We Stand

Hip to be Square

I Dream in Green

Joshua Cobb

King George

Le Hamell

Le Petit Saboteur

Mrs. London’s Apricot Tart


Phil Riley

Raspberry Sickle

Red Skelleton

Rocket Booster

Sweet Seneca Party Dress

The Somme

Topguns Molten Lava

Tundra Bird

Wolf Whistle